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The music is so very soothing, and I so easily get lost in the beautiful melodies; the "craziness" of our everyday life vanishes, and calm enters every corner and crevice of my being while listening to it. It seems to have the power to take me to another place... Very, very beautiful.

Thanks Paul. Your music was very soothing.
Lillian Mustaf, Toronto

your music has such a warm feeling to it, its as if I am being wrapped in divine light while listening.

With my most heartfelt gratitude and love,
......anita Perry

...pleasure ... I enjoyed it very much - Your music is awesome!!!
Best regards,
Simon Kehinde

"Your music has awakened something inside - only awakened does not quite express it ... when this music started to play I found myself at a place of deep deep peace and as I shared it with my friends I told them it gave me a profound feeling of completion, that all is as it should be."

your friend, Gaea NimButim Redwood

"Paul's music instantly takes you into your Self and All That Is. Into chartered and un-chartered depths of your soul. Igniting memory of the grandiosity of your being."

Christina Trevino

"Hi Paul,I want to thank you for your music, it is so divine and beautiful!Very inspirational and touches me on a deeper level.Alana "

Twitter: AlanaVardhan: I'm listening to Paul's music, such a beautiful creation, the tones are so divine and majestic!

"This healing music rips my heart right open and the tears stream so effortlessly from the love that pours forth in your message from Mother.

"I feel as if the music takes me on a journey, it opens and expands my heart and engages all of my a journey into the Sacred Heart"

'As i was listening it embodied my whole essence and received an amazing healing from Mer...'

"It's exactly what my ears want to hear."

"I've had several healings in the past three months and a Mer man and a Mer maiden come visit me and bring me gifts from waters deep. They want to escort me to where they reside. I listen to that song ALL THE TIME- it is embedded in my very essence of who I am.

'INCREDIBLY seductive, provocative, yet pure and gentle music that I am completely in love with. Your voice is delicious and your music is genius and precious.'

"I feel as if the music engages my whole being and body as I listen to it..."

'Your music is so uplifting and energizing, for me I found myself spiraling up into the higher realms expanding expanding and expanding, It is so soothing and healing as well.
Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gifts.'


'My CATS really loved listening to your music too!! They just curled up and were content.'

'I was processing deep emotional feelings and I felt the music deeply nourish me as I listened throughout the day. It really helped me by putting me in touch with my soul while I experienced these emotions. '

-Deanna F., Psychotherapist, Toronto Canada

'You can SWIM in the BLISS of this ecstatic'll love it'!


 'This beautiful music is ... simple, pure, heart-felt and delicious.  I can't wait for the next album.'


'I am most grateful for sharing Paul's amazing healing music with us all. I have purchased the album and sending his website to all my email contacts.'

'My heart's wish that his music be played in every household around the World and to reach all ... via global radio broadcast :-))) as well those are in secluded places.'

Blessings of love, Light and my deepest gratitude, Brigitta

"All I am is You" is such a great fusion of meditative chanting, it is refreshing and grounding.

"I love the intense deep violins and your voice, is just so intoxicating. !

'Loving your music and listening to it all the time, boy does it grow!!!'

"[This healing music]... is breathtaking - the combination of instrumentation is otherworldly, yet highly classical as is "Affairina" And the Spanish guitar is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!! I will dance to it for eternity.

Jennifer Maeve

'Listening to your album was like a psychic surgery for me as well...'

'I feel that your work is doing a lot of clearing for anyone who listens to your album.'

Brigitta Santa

Twitter Comments...

flowerpatch: Listening to Paul Gasztolds music. It is all I listened to since yesterday. I love how it graces my home with purity and innocence.

Dear Paul

Thanks for the music!

Your fan
Big hugs and smiles too