Soothing Piano Music

Sun-Rise Sonata Relaxing Piano Music




These soft and soothing piano melodies may evoke memories in your soul remembered from long ago...let them take you back to quiet times where hearts connected....

Perfect for quiet evenings of relaxation... or any time you want soothing inner stillness

This album also includes a BONUS 'MIRROR' side called 'dream-states'...

Classic version: this is the regular version for experiencing the emotions of this beautiful music

DREAM-STATE: the DREAM-STATE versions are more meditative and more ethereal... these take you beyond everyday mind for your deepest rest, inspiration or creativity

‘ I love using the DREAM-STATE for creating a feeling not unlike a meditative state WHILE I am awake... it helps me unplug from everyday mind and right into deepest relaxation, feelings like bliss and inner expansion...' - Paul

note: the softest piano music may deeply relax you, making it unsafe for driving or operating machine ... please wait until you get home. DO NOT DRIVE or operate machinery while listening to this peaceful music.

May these peaceful piano melodies bring stillness and calm into your life

- Paul

What Listeners Are Saying...

Sunrise Sonata is super!

It reminds me of the fantastic soundtrack to the Cosmos series (Carl Sagan).
I believe Vangelis was the songwriter/performer for that soundtrack.

Dave Buchan

'Thank you for your beautiful uplifting music.

Your new CDs are gorgeous! When I play your music during my yoga lessons, people immediately ask me about your music and of course I recommend them to buy it.

May you continue to bless this planet and the hearts of all people with your music.'

Love Claudia

Deutschland / Germany